About Invuyani Safety cc


Invuyani Safety CC was founded in 2003 and has established itself as a leading supplier of Quality products and Quality service.

For 17 years, this philosophy has driven us forward on a journey towards an industry leader in quality firefighting equipment. We have let an attention to detail, safety, reliability, and after-market service set us apart from our competitors

We work from a perspective of understanding that every one of our products is designed to both preserve and save lives. This is a weighty charge and one that we take very seriously. While we do have an eye for service, here at Invuyani Safety, we make your safety our priority.


We supply fire protective clothing and quality firefighting equipment like hoses and portable fire pumps to the fire industry. We also have a selection of gloves, helmets, boots, and accessories

Our range of personal protection products includes hand protection i.e. barrier creams and hand cleaners and for people that work at heights, we supply a range of fall arrest equipment.

Our gas monitors are imported from Canada from BW Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers of both fixed and portable gas monitors. They are designed to ensure facility safety in even some of the most hazardous production or commercial environments.

We also provide solutions for height safety and personal protective equipment for hazardous working environments. While we specialise in quality firefighting equipment, we do also provide for varying workplaces with alternative hazards that need to be mitigated.
With the right suppliers and the best products for reliability, safety, and peace of mind, we offer the safety equipment that takes care of your business and its personnel.


If you would like to know more about our offers here at Invuyani Safety or would like to purchase firefighting accessories and gear, or PPE, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives today or click here for details on how to get into contact with us.

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