Benefits of a Firefighters Tunic

Benefits of a Firefighters Tunic

Benefits of a Firefighters Tunic

A benefit of the firefighter’s tunic is that it’s made from fire-resistant material that is, synthetic fabric which maintains its structural strength after fire exposure and prevents cuts and tears. It provides an extremely good quality of protection without increasing the metabolic heat stress of the firefighter. It is developed to allow good flexibility and the collar has a long zip to establish complete closure of the jacket to the neck. It provides an extremely high level of thermal resistance protection without being seriously heavy to wear and carry around.

Protective Boots

A fireman’s boots are designed to provide supreme safety and ease to the wearer. They have a double-density cushioned rubber sole which lessens the boot weight and provides orthotic excellence, superior ankle support, and reduces skeletal impact-related injuries. Furthermore, the boot is resistant to water and fire retardant. An entire interior synthetic fire retardant liner provides increased wearer flexibility and comfort.


Firemen have different kinds of gloves for protection against the array of hazards that may be experienced in their line duties, e.g. there are surgical gloves for safety from biological hazards, chemical-resistant gloves, general disposable gloves, and thermal heat-resistant gloves for general firefighting tasks. There is no single glove that can provide sufficient protection from all hazards. Adequate training, experience, and supervision are needed to ensure the correct gloves are worn for the job at hand.

Bushfire Jacket

The thick bushfire jacket is created primarily for bushfire fighting use. The jacket is made with lightweight materials for comfort and affords the wearer adequate levels of both radiant and thermal protection while minimizing any chance of heat stress.

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