Climate Change and the Spread of Wild fires

Climate Change and the Spread of Wild fires

The spread and intensity of wildfires are on the rise as our planet experiences the effects of global warming and climate change. Scientists and experts have speculated that climate change plus rapid development in wilderness areas are contributing to more intense and devastating fires. Jennifer K. Balch, a professor of geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder has stated that the situation has been made direr by an influx of people living in flammable places, coupled with a warming climate.

How Fires Start

In California, statistics have shown that 95 percent of fires are the result of human error and human cause. A few are the result of arson, but most are caused by discarded cigarette butts, playing with lighters and matches, faulty electrical components, bbq or braai fires and vehicle incidents such as crashes.

Fires of natural causes are often attributed to lightning strikes or wind blowing down telephone poles which lead to electrical sparks.

How Climate Contributes

Since most fires are attributed to human causes, a growing world population is not helping. Globally, we are experiencing days of abnormally high temperatures and extended summer seasons with fewer rainfalls. These factors are contributing to dry and hot conditions with an extended wildfire season. These conditions make wildfires burn for longer periods of time with far more intensity and devastating effects.

Fire Fighters and Rescue Teams

The aforementioned conditions are making it a very active time for fire fighters and rescue teams. The increased intensity and duration of wildfires has to be matched with firefighting and rescue efforts that are of equal intensity. As such, fire protective equipment and firefighting equipment and related accessories have to be made with more durability and protective qualities.

Looking for Gear?

With wildfires on the rise in terms of frequency, duration and intensity, sourcing quality equipment and gear is essential for fire fighters and rescue teams. Invuyani Safety provides protective gear and equipment of high caliber, made with this in mind. Contact them or visit their website.


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