1. What are the dangers of firefighting?

As we all know, being a firfighter is not an easy job, because of the risks, irregular hours and weather conditions. The dangers that a firefighter can face begins when then have to respond to emergency situations. Firefighter then have to race throught the streets to get to where they have to be, through brutal weather, negligent pedestriansand careless drivers. Firefighters sometimes have to jump out of a plane to get to a fire, so they are at risk when they jump. Fire-enveloped structures can collapse, trapping the firefighters and in rural settings, a wildfire can suddenly take direction or encircle the firefighters. Firefighters are faced with big risks everyday.

2. What does it take to be a firefighter?

First of all it takes a lot to be a firefighter, most firefighters work approximately 50 hours per week, sometimes they even work 24 hours straight. In emergency situatuions they must work overtime. Firefighters sometimes spend the majority of their time at the fire station. They may not see their families at all during the day and night when they are on duty, and for those battling forest fires, the absences from home can even be longer. For the work that firefighters do, they must be in an excellent physical and mental condition at all times.

3. Looking for fire fighting equipment?

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