Fireman Gloves & Wildfire Gloves

For those fighting on the front lines against destructive flames, fire-resistant gloves protect their hands from burns and other fire-related injuries. Invuyani Safety offers both fireman gloves and wildfire gloves that allow for unimpeded work.

Fireman Gloves

Our fireman gloves feature a multi-layer design that offers thermal, cut, and puncture resistance. In addition, these fireman gloves feature a six-layer knuckle guard for increased protection.

The fireman gloves are fitted with a breathable blood-borne pathogen liner and knitted inner liner for increased dexterity. This also ensures the easy don and doff of our fireman gloves. In addition, the inner line on the fingertips is sewn and bonded for extra protection.

Invuyani Safety’s fireman gloves are approved by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Wildfire Gloves

Our wildfire gloves are manufactured from hard-wearing and environmentally sourced kangaroo leather with a technologically advanced lining. These wildfire gloves offer maximum resistance to cuts and punctures and exceptional dexterity and flexibility.

The kangaroo leather outer of our wildfire gloves retains eight times more of its original strength than cowhide when processed. Water-resistant treatment EN388: 3.5*.4*.4* – the maximum obtainable has been applied to these wildfire gloves.

Sewn with aramid thread throughout, the wildfire gloves feature a seamless lightweight composite fibre liner, reinforced thumb crotch, and an elasticated wrist with kangaroo leather vein patch front and back.

Invuyani Safety’s wildfire gloves are rated maximum dexterity (level 5) according to EN420 and contact heat level 1 (30 seconds at 100°C) in line with EN407 specifications.

In addition, Invuyani Safety offers an optional waterproof membrane for enhanced resistance to water, chemicals, and blood-borne pathogens. However, minimum order quantities will apply.

Our wildfire gloves come in the standard size range XS: S:M: L: XL, with additional sizes available on request.

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When fire heats up, you need firefighter gloves or wildfire gloves to battle the blaze as vigorously as you can. For more information on our gloves or other fire protective clothing, contact us today.

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