Fireman Helmets & Rescue Helmets

When fighting on the front lines against destructive flames, visibility is essential to contribute to safety. Invuyani Safety offers a range of helmets, including rescue helmets and fireman helmets for increased protection.

Fireman Helmets | Rescue Helmets | Invuyani Safety

Rescue Helmet

The Cromwell ER1 helmet is designed for emergency rescue operations, including fire, emergency response, civil defense, and rescue operations. Weighing only 800 grams, this lightweight helmet features a retractable visor and multi-adjustable headband. This rescue helmet is manufactured using the latest moulding techniques and is an economical solution with its advanced safety features. Its customisable appearance, comfort, and size provide versatility without sacrificing protection.

Fireman Helmets | Rescue Helmets | Invuyani Safety

Wildfire Helmet

Invuyani Safety’s wildfire helmets are designed for extreme conditions of wildland firefighting. The heat-resistant tough thermoplastic outer shell, and lightweight and compact design are the industry standard for wildland firefighters.

Standard features of our wildfire helmets include three goggle retainer clips to secure eye protection and reflective stripes to increase wearer visibility.

The six-point nylon pin-lock suspension has a cotton brow pad and offers vertical adjustment for maximum comfort and fit.

Optional accessories provided by Invuyani Safety include visors, goggles, and ear and neck face shrouds in yellow.

Fireman Helmets | Rescue Helmets | Invuyani Safety

Fireman Helmet

Invuyani Safety’s fireman helmet is designed with a lightweight structural thermoplastic outer shell and urethane foam impact liner to protect your head against heat rise and act as an extra layer of protection against falling objects.

The fireman helmet also features a rib-stop Nomex ear and neck protector that is heat and flame resistant to provide premium protection in high heat situations.

This fireman helmet has a comfortable six-point suspension system with a soft crown pad for an extra level of comfort while wearing the helmet. In addition, the optically correct face shield reduces distortion, eye strain and fatigue.


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When things heat up, you need a rescue helmet or fireman helmet to battle a blaze as tough as you are. For more information on our helmets or other fire protective clothing, contact us today.

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