Firefighting Hoses & Weeping Hose

Invuyani Safety is a leading supplier of professional firefighting equipment and accessories. We supply a wide range of specialised solutions that make your safety our priority.

We have been outfitting firefighters in South Africa since 2003 with everything from protective clothing to specialised firefighting equipment to ensure that personnel on the front-line are able to work safely and effectively.


As part of our comprehensive offers on firefighting and safety equipment, we focus on the provision of reliable, high-quality, and affordable firefighting hoses of different types.

These include the Fireflex HighTemp and Fireflex fire hoses that are highly resistant to UV, chemicals, oil, and extremely high temperatures. Keep reading to find out more about our offers on weeping and heat resistant hoses on offer:


The Fireflex HighTemp hose is manufactured from a Nitrile-PVC rubber with a special flame-resistant formula on the outside. This hose is resistant to 900°C for one hour without burning. The ribbing protection of this hose protects it against abrasion damage and is ozone and UV resistant.
This hose is maintenance free, does not need drying and is unaffected by mildew. It is also rot proof and waterproof.

Fireflex Fire Hose

The Fireflex Fire Hose is a high-quality, rubber covered hose made from a blend of Nitrile-PVC rubber and protective ribbing to reduce the effects of abrasion damage.
They are highly resistant to oil, chemicals, zones, and UV, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for longer, and can withstand temperatures exceeding 150°C.
They require little to no maintenance, are rot and waterproof, and easy to repair.
Complies to BS6391 Type 3.



If you would like to know more about our complete range of offers on firefighting hoses, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Invuyani Safety today.

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