Shock Absorbing Safety Lanyards

Double Shock Absorbing Lanyard

  • Black 2-ton webbing, 25 mm wide.
  • Adjusting buckles made from aluminium.
  • Scaffold hooks double action, self-locking 25 kN.
  • Shock absorber covered by clear heat shrink for easy inspection.
  • White woven tear webbing shock absorber.

Work Postioning Lanyard

“These lanyards are designed to hold the user in restraint, so a fall cannot occur, or to hold the user in a position of work where a fall may occur.

If a work positioning lanyard is being used the user should be backed up with a fall arrest device.

  • Length – 2 m. Red 45-50 mm wide 2 ton webbing.
  • Self-locking double action snap hooks on either end made of steel.
  • Adjusting buckles made from die formed electroplated carbon steel.

Retractable Lifeline

  • Self-retractable lifeline for industrial maintenance
  • A frictionless braking system with no moving parts that won’t go out of adjustment.
  • Individual components removed and replaced in minutes due to modular design.
  • Components that need only visual inspection not mechanical testing.
  • Constantly moving, the 100% reliable Full Contact locking mechanism cannot freeze, hang up or corrode.
  • Case is manufactured from unique toughened nylon to resist impact damage and protect internal chassis.
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