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Industrial plants, factories and mines (amongst others) have a critical need for quality gas monitors that take accurate readings of levels of gases and contaminants in the air. Since they are able to determine levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses, they are an essential tool for running an effective and safe operations plant.

Still, having them around isn’t quite enough. They need to be regularly maintained, calibrated and used correctly for them to be consistently effective and accurate. These tips will help you to do just that.

Check Equipment Daily

Gas monitors and any associated equipment should be checked daily to ensure their cleanliness and operational condition. Daily checks will allow you to identify potential problems before they grow into safety concerns, and will ensure that you can rely on the accuracy of your readings.

Conducting Bump-Tests

Regular ‘bump’ tests should also be conducted to continuously determine the effectiveness and accuracy of the device. This is done by exposing the monitor to a high concentration of a particular type of gas; and should be completed as often as possible.

Archive Test Results

Once a bump test is completed, it is essential that those results are carefully recorded, down to the last detail, and that those results are also archived for later use. These can be used as benchmarks for later tests, or when conducting fault finding and investigating accidents.

Ensure that Staff is Trained

One of the most important parts of using gas monitors correctly is ensuring that your staff is correctly trained in their use and care. This will ensure that they use them correctly, get accurate readings, and that they are able to take care of the longevity of the device.

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